In the past week lots of good things have been happening in our 
little lives..and it's times like these where we have to stop & count our blessings.

first things first:
 I got an official Esthetician job..and it's my dream job.
it's about time, i know. 

my family will say otherwise, but i don't think I'm that bad of a driver. 
really I'm not.
but since turning 16 i've had some kind of magnetic force on my car or something
because cops love me. i will be going the SAME speed as the person next to me but they 
never fail to choose to pull ME over. Since having these little run ins, you can imagine what it does to my car insurance...
(side note: when Jason asked my dad if he could marry me, my dad told him that one thing you need to know about annie is that she's really expensive -- car insurance. psh.) this february my record was finally CLEARED because it had been 3 years since anything has happened and my record was good and my monthly car insurance payment went down significantly
but oh wait, of course..the day after..I GET IN A CAR ACCIDENT.
i hope you're laughing by now because it's just become comical in my life.
now, the girl who hit me claimed it was my fault but she was misunderstood ..
it was all her. So for a couple of weeks our insurance companies went back and forth with the claims
and i have been sick to my stomach about the results since the accident. 
finally i got the call from my insurance guy and he said that they settled at 25-75, 
meaning i am 25% at fault & in CA that is a FAULT FREE accident.
i'd be lying if i said i didn't cry when i got the call.

and last but not least:
we got iphone4's.
now, i know that's not really a blessing but we are obsessed with them. :)

& this is totally irrelevant to this post, but since i have no other pictures to post..
one of our favorite little girls (her mom calls me her LA mommy)ran into the corner of a wall sunday night and had to get stitches. 
She has the BIGGEST crush on Jason..and the feeling is mutual..his heart broke when he found out she got hurt.
so last night we brought her some ice cream to make her feel better.
we love this little firecracker.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We babysat the cuutestttt girl last weekend & in return they gave us this fab thing
we're excited to put this baby to use.
happy LOVE day 
one day a boy met a girl,
the day they met, they were in a whole other world.
he made her laugh and kissed her tenderly-
so good & so wonderfully.
then one day, these two tied the knot,
their life began and they loved each other a lot.
today is Valentine's day - a day dedicated to Love, 
so a shout out to my main man
the one who was made for me by the Man above.

since i had a migraine and went to bed at 8 yesterday, i'm combining the two days
so double the LOVE today.
which is perfect because it's on the highest part of my TOP favorite things...

DAY 2 & 1: i love my family.
how in the world did i get so lucky?
i love these people like nothing else. they are individually so talented and amazing
and i am so blessed that i get to be with them f o r e v e r.

PLUS i married into the greatest family too! another double blessing :)
seriously though, i feel like i've known them forever and it has been SO EASY being a part of
their family. i love hanging out with them and they have become some of my best friends.
(missing krystal & casey)
DAY 3: part of my heart is still in Ecuador.
i miss those sweet and beautiful children all the time
& the experiences i had
love them everyday.
DAY 4: i love food. 
im picky with my meat, but i love basically everything else.
& who doesn't love going out to dinner every once in awhile?
DAY 5: i love ice cream.
mostly frozen yogurt.
and can eat it anytime, any day.
we grew up eating gspoon for every meal..
ok not really, but we did have it almost everyday after school & then some.
not only do i love fro-yo, but anything sweet for that matter.
i'll admit it -- sometimes i'd rather have dessert than dinner.
DAY 6: i reeeeally LOVE to travel.
& if i had the means to go somewhere once a month, i DEFINITELY would.

 Buckingham Palace - LONDON
Aegina, GREECE
 Athens, GREECE
Jackson Hole, WY

 Philadelphia, PA
 New York City, NY
 Washington D.C.
proud to be an American
 Paris, FRANCE

Grand Cayman Island

i just can't get enough of the world, people, and cultures.

Day 7: i love those milk chocolate Dove heart candies only available during Valentine's day.
& the cute quotes they say on the inside of the wrapper.
My favorite one i got today said this...
DAY 8: i love sundays. 
i love that we have a day to rest and rejuvenate for the next week.
including Sunday naps & too many treats :)
and lounging with my hunny ALL day.
there's no other day we can do that...only Sundays :)
DAY 9: we love to party.
 with our peeps.
 & re-in-act winter formal poses. 
& be with our FAMILY!
In a nutshell - we LOVE our family, friends, and good times :)
DAY 10: love me some black and white pictures.
& beach days.
& being serenaded in the morning.
(i made him take this)
& lazy days. IN THE SUN.
& THIS mustache. man can his hair grow..just look at that thing.

and especially since today is friday,
let me tell you how much I LOVE FRIDAYS.
t g i f
& it's date night ;)

Day 11: i love being outside.
i love being somewhere new and exploring nature.
and you guessed it, i love it even more when im with J.

DAY 12: i love bike rides.
i especially love bike rides on the beach. 
i especially especially love bike rides on the beach with my main squeeze.
ps. we got each other bikes for Christmas, and didn't even plan on it.
he got me the cutest mint green beach cruiser.
i got him a vintage schwinn road bike.
meant to be :)
 Nothing better than a day dedicated to l o v e.

Countdown = 14 days till V-Day
DAY 13: I love when Jason surprises me. 
He surprised me at work and picked me up and took me to lunch.
it made my day 100x better :)
One of our best [childhood] friends got married on Saturday

Her reception was down in San Diego and it was beautiful. 
Congrats Sam!!! 
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