Point Mugu Camping

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Camping. We love it and don't do it as often as we'd like to.
There's just something about being in the outdoors and away from it all and sleeping under the stars all cozied up to each other on a (deflating) air mattress. ha. but really. i need more camping trips in my life.

About a month ago, we drove up to Point Mugu and camped with Hawkleys + Facers.
We had such a fun time and it will for sure be a trip none of us would forget.

I always feel so lucky that Piper gets to grow up with her cousins. 
They are all so close and love each other so much. They have a special bond that is unlike any other.
I know for sure that these kids were playing with each other in heaven before they all came down to earth. I know they knew each other before. 

Piper's FIRST Year

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I'm a little behind, but Piper turned ONE! 
(on October 6th)
She is seriously my favorite little human ever.
She: loves chocolate milk, bath time, strawberries, blueberries (any fruit really), loves gnawing on sliced apples, has 4 teeth - two top/two bottom, favorite game is "I'm gunna getchya" & "whereeee's piper?", walking like a champ, loves to brush her teeth/cries when we brush our teeth because she wants hers brushed, naps amazingly, takes a binky when she sleeps (and whenever she's in a screaming mood), loves to be held when I'm cooking..it's like she KNOWS  hates sitting in the shopping cart - HAS to be standing in the large cart area of it, loves her new shoes, loves chatting on the phone with her imaginary friends, very social, waves hi and bye, says "Dada" all day long, loves to be right next to me playing by herself, likes for me to hold her while I'm cooking - which makes cooking a meal a long process, laughs at pretty much everything and it's the best, started throwing her food off her tray while eating and it makes for an awesome mealtime (wink), obsessed with dogs (her first official work is "Gog" aka dog), loves to crawl holding a shoe in each hand, actually ALWAYS has something in her hands, and loves to lay with us in bed.
One of my favorite things about her is how independent and curious she is. She wakes up squealing and excited to get the day started. She loves doing things on her own most of the time and she is pretty fearless when trying new things. she is such a lover and if someone else is hurt or crying, she gets so sad and concerned. we are obsessed with her blue eyes. i feel like she stares into my soul sometimes and honestly, sometimes she looks into my eyes with the most serious face and i feel like we just connect. some of my favorite moments with her are those.
she talks ALL day long. she is not quiet or shy in the slightest. 
AND she gives me kisses all. day. long. 
she is my littlest best friend and i love her more than words.

sidenote: when she was born/the first while of her life, she was 99% me, looks wise. as she's grown she's definitely started to change a little and look a lot more like her dada. she's pretty much 50/50. 

i put together a little video montage of some of our favorite clips of her from her first year of life.
I'm still blown away that it has been a full year. 

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