15 months

Friday, January 9, 2015

at 15 months this girl is FIESTY.
the other day i had her clothes out to put on her and she shook her head and went and got what she wanted to wear and handed it to me. WHAT!? SHE'S ONE! how is this already happening? oh and she started rolling her eyes at me. I'm in for it with this girl.
she's definitely is spicy, but she also has a side of SWEET. 
she looooves to give hugs and kisses. (especially if she knows she's doing something she shouldn't be doing) if someone is upset, she gets so concerned and wants to see if they're ok.
she loves to do things on her on and explore her surroundings. she is the type that i just need to watch from afar and let her explore. (often older women are like WHO'S child is this!?..i got it lady) 
she is SMART.
she can point to almost all her body parts, points to herself, follows directions well. she is getting at such a fun age where we are able to interact with her a lot more. 
she knows what she wants and don't stop her from getting there. or else you'll hear about it from her.
she LOVES:
the bath
the beach!
all animals, but obsessed with dogs
her lamby and her blankie
mickey mouse clubhouse (specifically the song at the end)
books! she is obsessed we read books ALL. DAY. LONG. 
and the same books over and over.
grapes, strawberries, crackers, chocolate, broccoli, pizza, smoothies, bananas, + yogurt.
bows/getting her hair done
when you're not paying attention to her
being confined
when I'm cooking..because I'm not fully paying attention to her..and she wants to see what's going on 
she SAYS:
"peeees" (please)
and shakes her head no 

 ^^she sat here, posed, and smiled for the camera all by herself. i die.
^loves giving high-fives

im so excited to see her grow and develop in the coming months. 
to see her talk more, understand more, do more.
she is my bestest little friend and i love spending my whole day with her, every day.

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