Friday, August 9, 2013

The truth is, we have been trying to go to Hawaii since the day we got married. We had been talking about doing one last trip before the babe comes and figured that Hawaii was our best bet. Not only do we both LOVE being on that beautiful island, but what makes it even better is that my bestest best friend lives there with her husband and baby boy. What would be better than babymooning and spending time with my best girl in hawaii? Nothing. So we bit the bullet and bought those (stomach wrenching) pricey plane tickets and had the best time. To be honest, we both agreed that this trip might have been our favorite trip so far. It was just so fun to be in a familiar place where we knew people, had close family and friends there, and it wasn't foreign or hard to get around. It was just perfect.

 Jason was in heaven surfing those warm waters every single day.

 Took this exact picture in Bali...except I wasn't 7 mos pregnant.
 Still struggle with our underwater kissing pictures.

 High-fiving for friendship and motherhood.

 Maunawili Falls hike

 With our little Sylver. He is the yummiest thing you've ever seen and we may or may not be planning his and our baby girl's wedding. It's inevitable.

 Shrimp truck stop.
Diamond head hike

 Treated our hosts to a night out for being so amazing to us. They really are the best and we can't thank you guys enough!
 Lanikai Beach

What a trip!
We are just trying to figure out how we can live there and make it work. It is so awesome and it was pure happiness every day.
I highly recommend doing a little trip if you can before your baby comes. It was honestly the best and although the flights were pricey, it is something that we will always remember and grateful that we did:)


  1. YOur trip looks amazing and it takes me right back to when Kyle and I went a few years ago. So many great things to see and do there! you are so lucky to have gone!

  2. that looks like so much fun! you are a rockstar and look so awesome. i wouldn't have touched a bathing suit at 8 months but you look darling! so happy for you guys!

  3. LOVE that suit. glad you had fun here in hawaii with bree! cant wait to see your little one soon!

  4. We had a trip to Hawaii too before the kids came and it was seriously the best thing we ever did. And we did the same thing after we got back--trying to figure out how to move there. Haha! Huge props to you for hiking diamond head while pregnant!


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