A Belated (and needed) Spring Cleaning

Monday, August 26, 2013

So I know that summer is on its way out and fall is on its way in, but I have been meaning to give this blog of mine a little face lift and I have finally found the time to do it..I am loving the new simple design and it motivates me to want to be here more and update as much as possible. So that is the plan! Also, I changed the name of this blog..so dumb, but it was bothering me so I did it. Why silving lining you ask? Well I was listening to the song by Rilo Kily called Silver Lining and it just really got me thinking about life and how I need to be more positive and start looking at the blessings instead of dwelling on the negative. So that's why I changed it to that:) I still have some housekeeping I need to do on here, but this is a good start for now.

Also! We finally bought a legit camera!! No more crappy iphone pictures every time:) (besides the one pictured above..still waiting for our camera to get here) 

Until then, I can't wait to show you some maternity pictures that my sister took of Jason and I. I will upload those soon!


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