Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter came so fast this year and in the midst of some of our busiest weeks, 
i hardly had time to prepare. no baskets, no candy, no dying eggs, etc. but good thing piper will have no recollection of this easter.
plus, to be honest, it was kind of nice not to do all the fluffy stuff. {although that is always SO FUN}
this year, we were able to just focus on the real meaning of Easter and think about the atoning sacrifice and resurrection of our Savior.
It really is hard for me to put into words how much love i have for my Savior.
I know that because of Him, I am able to be cleansed of my sins and so that i can live with my family foreverrrr.
the meaning of this holiday is so sacred and it's hard not to get caught up in the easter bunny fun (ps. why an easter bunny? kind of creepy)
i love my family so much and am filled up gratitude.


Monday, April 28, 2014

it's kind of hard not to take a million pictures of my girl all day everyday.
everything she does makes me laugh/melt/want to squeeze her.
so, i wanted post some pictures of my pipey girl doing random things on different days, just because.
we love you boobooz!
here's some iphone randoms for you...
 loves her tongue
 first baseball game
 she already knows how to smile for the camera.

 doin what we do best..beachin it
 just woke up..just fed her in the parking lot in my car..real life.

 best shopping buddy around

 i kiss those cheeks every second i can
 always happy

 she loves her lion, Lionel

 the many faces of this 6.5 month old..& she discovered her tongue
most mornings look like this..she wakes up too early so we bring her in bed with us and try to go back to sleep for just a little longer..while she's wide-eyed and just stares at us the whole time. 

ps. i pretty much take pictures/videos and send them to jason all day long. 
these are some of those.


Monday, April 28, 2014

So, April has been an insanely busy month. 
one of the huge things that has happened this month is that we MOVED!
as you know, we have been living with my parents in Mission Viejo for the past 10 months and it was amazing. It was such a special time..i mean, we brought our first child home to that house. raised her for 6 months there. we got to hang out and bond with my parents on such a different level and it will always be a time that i will look back and cherish. 
thanks again mom & dad! we miss you guys every day. (even though you're only 20 min away)

our new home is in San Clemente!
we are renting a 2bed/2bath condo and we are in love. 
top four things on our list:
good deal
done. done. done. and done.

actually, jacuzzi was my number one. love my spa time :) 
we really scored. we were in no rush to find a place when staying at my parents because obviously it was so nice to save some money and everything just worked there. but we always said, if we found something that had everything on our wish list, PLUS being a super good deal, then we couldn't pass it up. and that's what happened! we are walking distance to the beach and we technically have an ocean view. its like a little sliver, but it counts! Last night, we saw the sun set on the water from our living room. pretty awesome.

we love it! 
i don't have any pictures, but i'll post some soon..once we have furniture.
(we currently sit on the floor to eat all our meals)


Monday, April 28, 2014

April 4th & 5th was the southern Califonia Ragnar.
200 miles from Hunginton Beach to San Diego.
it. was. insane.

For years, I've always wanted to do Ragnar, at least once. This year, it finally happened. 
First of all, I did not realize how much work and planning goes into this whole thing. Trying to plan everything out amongst 12 people is kinda crazy. 
everyone I talked to that had done it in the past, said it was SO FUN and that it was their "favorite race." so i was expecting it to be a blast...which it was, buuuut it was wild. i barely slept, i ran miles upon miles upon miles in the wee hours of the morning and in the middle of the night. i practially ate nothing. i threw up 5 times. i couldn't stand being in a car any longer. 
get the picture?
BUT the silver lining of it all was the experience and the friendships that were made along the way.
there was 12 of us girls, 6 in one van and 6 in the other.
every girl was so fun and so supportive of one another.
when i was throwing up, the girls were figuring out who was going to run my legs for me..good thing after my episode, i felt one thousand times better and i was able to run all of my legs. 
i just think that the hardest thing of it all was no sleep and barely any food. 
barely any food because you don't really want to eat a ton before you run and then after, i don't have an appetite at all. so by the time my appetite started to come back, it was time for me to run again.
not the best for a nursing mom..but good thing for breast pumps! woo!

if you asked me the day of, or a few days after, i would've said i would never ever do this again.
but looking back at it now, i would totally sign up again in a heartbeat. 
crazy, huh?
 6am starting line
 van 1! love these girls.
 team speedy sweeties
 and a special shout out to my inlaws and my man for taking care of my pipey girl.
couldn't have done this without your help!

6 months

Monday, April 7, 2014

on saturday, my sweet little love turned six months! 
half way to a year? i can't even handle this.
she is the sweetest thing ever.
she is a rolling machine. she rolls all over the room and you cannot leave her on a bed or couch without leaving her side..she will roll right off. (hasn't happened yet, thank goodness)
grabs anything and everything in sight.
smiles at everyone.
loves nap time. (most of the time)
sitting up.
loves her carseat.
loves to giggle and laugh.
loves bath time.
loves her blankie and her lion name lionel.
we just love her.

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