A little Weekend Getaway

Monday, March 26, 2012

We were way overdue for a little vacation and decided a weekend trip to the mountains would be nice, relaxing, far enough away, and not too $$. So, Saturday morning we woke up and were on our way.
Growing up, we both would go to these same mountains to ski/snowboard.
Both having not been there for years, when we were up there it brought back all the memories.
Unfortunately, the snow on the slopes weren't the best conditions and definitely not worth the price of a day pass, so instead, we went sledding! It was SO fun and I don't know how you cannot laugh the entire time. We felt like we were 10 years old; going down over and over, different ways, and not to mention, running into little kids left and right. ha - oops!
We stayed at the cutest place in Lake Arrowhead tucked away in the trees. 
Sauna, jacuzzi, fitness center included which we took full advantage of all 3.
Sunday, we woke up and went on a gorgeous hike along a creek to a Heart shaped basin..it supposedly the "most romantic hike on the mountain," and romantic, it was;)
Get ready for a picture overload..
Can you see the heart?^^

Love little getaways like this, when all you really need is your best friend with you to be having a good time:)

Two Things..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I have recently discovered a new hobby...
 A little thing called sewing. 
I just got home from a 2 hour class and I wish it were longer. It was so fun and so much easier than I thought. I now have so many projects in mind and can't wait to get started. 
I've been itching to have a creative project to do for months now, and now I can have just the idea of what I can do:)

Hummus Veggie Pizza.
I am obsessed. In love. Blown away by the flavor and delicousness.
I have a feeling this is going to happen in our home every week for the next little while.
It's that good.
Go ahead and make it. 

That is all for now.

Birthday Goodness

Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday No. 23 was a good one. It consisted of love notes, breakfast in bed, presents in the mail, spa day, lunch with girlfriends, ice cream cake, beach day, and celebrating with family.
Obviously not all in one day - it was a 3 day birthday full of non-stop goodness.
Thank you all who made my birthday so memorable.
Every time I tell someone I am 23, I always get a "23 was such a good year" reply.
So, I'm hopeful that this year is going to be a good one:)

But Seriously..

Friday, March 2, 2012

I just saw these precious pics (for his company's website, I believe) of my man and I'm sure this is the exact feeling Moms get when their child brings home their school pictures.
I just want to blow it up, frame it, and hang it up on our wall already.
Or maybe on the fridge.
Is that weird?
The cutest thing.

You know how Mom's these days post pictures of only their kids? (Which I know I am probably totally going to do) But what if I did the same thing but with Jason?
Sleeping, eating, walking, just got out of the bath pics.
Just kidding I won't.
But seriously..I think he is the cutest. :)
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