Long Live Ecuador

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TWO years ago today, I left for one of the best experiences of my life.
you will always have a place in my heart 
Dec. '08-Mar. '09
good times.

 walking on the EQUATOR
 just eating a guinea pig

 Guayaquil Trip to the temple:)
 the biggest fattest iguana.
 Mateo..my pride and joy. I miss him too much
 zip lining in the jungle
 taking a nap on the way to our field trip

 Crepes & Waffles..our fave.

 the best group ;)

 So much love
 i love these kids. (don't you love the playboy jacket? HAHA)
 my babe.
 my best girls.

 Juan Carlos

An experience that has forever had an impact on my life.

If you are interested in doing this let me know and I'll give you the deets.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lots of fun stuff has been happening that I've not blogged about..so i'll give you a recap of our life the past couple weeks:
Last weekend we went to an ugly sweater/white elephant Christmas party put on by my lovely sister and her friend Stephanie. I got an apron and some Cumin spice..not bad.
we became obsessed with this 3 week show. so much talent. 
just vocals. no instruments.
i literally got chills on some songs.
and these guys (Committed) were our favorite.
I voted for them 10 times.
They won :)
Went to the Griffith Observatory. Go if you can.

He went to the Moon and brought it back to me as an early Christmas present.
What a guy.
We ran in the annual Santa Monica-Venice Christmas run.
I did it because I wanted to.  Jason was forced because I signed him up :)

just warming up.
 Beck Allen Hawkley was born Dec 17th.
We got to meet the sweet babe just 2 hours after he was born.
Kate is a superwoman and did it all natural. She is amazing.
And he is too perfect. 

Besides these things, we've just been working.
We are still doing P90x, in case you wanted to know.
We're on week 5, but we haven't been perfect.
Our favorite song right now is Lets Stay Together by Al Green. 
We sing it every night and we're really good at harmonizing. (HA) 
Jason gets really into it. One of these days I'm going to secretly video tape him. 

Tomorrow is my last day of work and then I have 10 days off. yesss.
We're excited to go home and spend the holidays with our family and friends that we've been missing:)


Sunday, December 5, 2010

No one says it better than Kids do..

We Trot

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Unfortunately the only picture I have of our Thanksgiving festivities is right before we ran the Turkey Trot. It was a gorgeous run right along the Dana Point Harbor. 
Loved it.
I plan on making this a new tradition..who's with me?
and we of course had so much fun with both our fams. 
It's so convenient having both families so close. :)
Plus it was our 5 months ♥
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