SNL Californians

Saturday, April 21, 2012

This Video is a must see. 
I wish I could put in here on my page, but Hulu doesn't allow, so just click the link.
Anyways, watch it. SO funny...for a couple reasons:
1) Jason and I can watch it over and over, and we have.
2) This is our new favorite way to talk.
and 3) This is the story of our lives. These exact streets are the ones we are always using to try and find short cuts to and fro our destinations.
It's a headache, but I'm glad SNL can make light of it. 



Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend was so fun. We went down to Laguna Thursday night with no plans, other than going to the beach all. day. long.
We did some hiking and went on beautiful walks in the mornings and spent the rest of the days on the sand.
My mom's bday was on friday so we got together with my fam for the night for some dinner & bowling.
Loved spending time with the people we love most and celebrating such a meaningful holiday with our family. 
Do you love that jason brings his laptop to the beach? The man never stops.
hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well!

Weekend Recap

Monday, April 2, 2012

I love conference weekend.
It's been 3 months since we had been home to orange county so we planned on taking the short trip down to watch conference with my family. (plus our loads of laundry were piling up way too high;) )
Here is just a glimpse of what we did:
Babies, Swedish pancakes, hikes, conference listening, movies, gspoon, baja fish tacos, swinging competition, and more. Not pictured: Mom, Dad, Jon, & Danezee.
I am one lucky aunt..are these kids not the cutest? I'm kinda obsessed..
So grateful to have both our families so close to us and we are already getting antsy to get down there this next weekend to hang out with jason's fam for Easter. 
J has friday off so we are heading down thursday night.
Woohoo for a 3 day weekend!!

Sidenote: This is my final week of the semester and then I have a one week break until Spring semester starts. Can't wait for this semester to be done. It has been a busy one and accounting has taken over my life, but (if I pass my final) then this will be the LAST math class everrrrr. yessssss.
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