Mother's Day/Motherhood

Friday, May 16, 2014

moms are pretty much superheroes in my eyes.
i mean, they take it all on. they do every job in the book when taking care of their family.
it's kind of amazing. 
i am always in awe of seeing those moms who have tons of kids and still have so much energy and positivity. they love life and are full of it. 
i love moms! 
and i love being a mom.
it has been my favorite calling in life so far and i feel so blessed to be able to do this. 
some days are harder than others..but those days make the good days even better.
it's so weird to think that piper wasn't even in my life just a few 7+ months ago. it's weird! i feel like she has been with me my whole life..and i believe that she has. i totally believe that my children have been watching me from above the past 25 years of my life. and i've have some very strong spiritual moments involving my children. things that i hold so dear to my heart.
it's exciting (and somewhat terrifying) that my life as a mom has just begun. there is so much ahead and so much to look forward to. hard to believe that my baby will eventually go to college, get married, have babies of her own...what!? i can't even think about that yet. 
first few moments of meeting sweet p.
what a sweet reunion it was!
p.s. this picture is a little kind of looks like im basking in the moment, but im pretty sure i fell asleep because i was so exhausted from the 20 hours of labor that just took place and kicked my butt.
p.s.s. this is random, but did anyone else's nose swell up when pregnant!? mine got huge and i didn't even realize until afterwards when i looked at pictures. what the? oh the things our womanly bodies have to endure...

anywho, happy belated mothers day to all my favorite mamas. 
and an especially happy mothers day to MY MAMA. 
she is the bees knees. the cream of the crop. the top dolla.
but for real, she's the best. 
i love you mom!
thanks for always putting up with me and loving me no matter what.

SEVEN months

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm a little late on this, but on the 5th of this month, Pipey's turned seven months!
-she is the happiest baby..laughs all day long
-loves to eat. she eats a lot and she eats anything..can't feed her fast enough sometimes!
-sits up great
-takes 3 naps a day
-sleeping 10 hours at night
-knows her name
-is all of the sudden scared of the bath (so random! she usually loves the bath, but the last few times i put her in, she freaks)
-went on her first road trip to utah and did awesome. slept and ate the whole time
-unfortunately, by milk supply has decreased drastically so i am only nursing her morning and night..throughout the rest of the day she drinks formula
-is very observant
-still obsessed with her jumper
-scared of the vacuum
-loves her new room! we finally have it all put together and i just love it
-is getting sooo close to crawling..she wants to do it so bad and gets really frustrated when she can't
-still loves her car seat
-loves the jacuzzi
-loves to take off mommy's sunglasses...she thinks it's hilarious when i am wearing them. she also loves when i put them on her..she will literally just freeze and stare at me with them on. kills me.
-still has a leaky eye (clogged tear duct) it's constantly draining and i am constantly wiping her eye. doesn't even phase her anymore. doc said that it's really common and should clear up on its on. if not, then she will have to get surgery when she's 1. i guess it's a simple procedure but we are praying that it clears up on its own. 
-is the best buddy ever. she loves to go with me everywhere and has the best time doing it. (not like she has a choice ha)

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