Love Day

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy love day friends! 
I love a day set aside to celebrate love. I kind of hate when people say it's overrated. It's kind of like the Grinch, but for Valentine's day. I say, let people be cheesy and mushy as much as they want. It's LOVE for crying out loud. How can you not LOVE it!?
This year, Jason is on a business trip but good news is he'll be home later tonight to celebrate!
Can't believe this will be our 4th Valentine's day together. It just keeps getting better.
I think out of all of our love day's together, last years was the tops.
LAST Valentine's day we heard our Pipey's heartbeat for the first time and we saw her wiggling around on the screen, looking like a little gummy bear.
Our hearts exploded. We cried. We laughed. We celebrated.
THAT is what life is all about. Those sweet tender moments shared together that are unforgettable.
{read here to see the full post.}
Hope you all have a fabulous holiday cuddled up to the ones that mean the most to you.

Nursery Inspiration Board

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Since we are currently living at my parents, we don't exactly have a "nursery" for Piper, but that doesn't mean I haven't started planning her nursery for our future {soon to be} place. 
I  made a little inspiration board and used the One Kings Lane guide to help me get inspired and to get my juices flowing. I found that I could really put an adorable room together for a fairly decent price
I went with neutral/natural organic colors as the base colors with pops here and there using pillows, prints, plants, and books (not pictured). These colors make me feel peaceful and they speak to me.
One thing I really want to have is a nice chair in there. I learned that I'm pretty picky about these type of chairs...cute comfy rocking chairs/gliders are somewhat hard to come by (with a decent price tag) in my opinion and for my taste, so I chose a chair that can be used beyond the nursery once she grows out of it. 
That's just me though. 
Good storage space is also important. I LOVE this dresser from IKEA and might even want to get the same one for our master bedroom as well. I just love it. 
As for this crib & the leather pouf..they are way over my budget, but I had to add it because I love it..hoping can find a knock off somewhere?
This is just the beginning..I have some other plans as well, but here is the base of it for now:)
What do you think?

Four Months

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My sweetest Pipey's is four months today.
This girl is getting bigger and bigger by the day, I cannot even handle it.
She loves to cuddle and be sung to.
She still loves her baths and showers.
She is now sleeping in her own room. (i may have gotten a little emotional the first night - she's too old!)
Loves holding toys and putting them in her mouth.
Loves to sleep with the silky side of her blanket touching her face.
Has started full on laughing. The best.
Talks non stop.
Likes to be read to..but not too many books;)
Still loves to go on walks and runs with mama. Or just be in her carseat in general.
still eating great.
likes to hang out with her friends. 
is starting to like tummy time.
can roll onto her side from her back (not completely roll over all the way just yet)
kicks her legs like no other...she might start running before she walks by the rate she kicks those legs.
likes to watch tv, observe everything around her, and is mesmerized by older kids.
just found her feet (today, actually) and has been holding onto them.
Nicknames: Pipey's, boobooz, chicky boobooz, piper girl, pipers (dane likes to call her that), pipesicle, pipes, pipe master, sweet p...

i really cannot believe my girl is four months, but im loving this stage more than the last. 
she is so fun and yummy and oh my goodness i really might eat her up.
happy four month sweet p!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Being a mom is a crazy whirlwind of emotions.
it's an exhausting, exciting, heart-bursting, patience trying experience. at least that's how it's been for me. i've loved every moment of it, even when my eyes feel like they're about to pop out because I'm so tired, but then she looks at me with a big smile and i forget about everything i was feeling and fall in love with her all over again.
this little girl is our world and she has us wrapped tightly around her little chubby finger.
i could stare at that face all day long and quite frankly, i do.
i have learned so much about myself; my strengths and my weaknesses.
so to my Piper girl: thanks for making me better and allowing me to grow more than I thought was possible in these last four months. 
you are my littlest love.

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