Love Day

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy love day friends! 
I love a day set aside to celebrate love. I kind of hate when people say it's overrated. It's kind of like the Grinch, but for Valentine's day. I say, let people be cheesy and mushy as much as they want. It's LOVE for crying out loud. How can you not LOVE it!?
This year, Jason is on a business trip but good news is he'll be home later tonight to celebrate!
Can't believe this will be our 4th Valentine's day together. It just keeps getting better.
I think out of all of our love day's together, last years was the tops.
LAST Valentine's day we heard our Pipey's heartbeat for the first time and we saw her wiggling around on the screen, looking like a little gummy bear.
Our hearts exploded. We cried. We laughed. We celebrated.
THAT is what life is all about. Those sweet tender moments shared together that are unforgettable.
{read here to see the full post.}
Hope you all have a fabulous holiday cuddled up to the ones that mean the most to you.


  1. Annie! Cute blog! Just found it. love following along

    1. yay so glad you found me and now i can follow yours! woohoo! love it


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