5 months

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

my pipey girl is 5 months today!
-naps 3x a day - 2 hours up, 2 hours down
-started rice cereal and avocados last week and LOVES them..the girl was ready
-likes to stare at older kids playing...intrigued!
-loves swings
-thinks its funny when i read books to her..she just looks at me the whole time and laughs
-loves to be sung to
-rolls over half-way..we are currently working on the full roll 
-is mastering her hand-eye coordination and getting so good at it
-loves to take her binkie out, twist it around, and then put it back in (we are still very impressed by this)
-just started sitting in the stroller this week WITHOUT her carseat 
-she is super tall and leaning out
-loves showers still 
-we've taken her in the jacuzzi with us and she loves it (she loves anything dealing with water, really)
-looooves her jumper and gets giddy when she's jumping around in it
-talks a lot
-still not sleeping thru the night, wakes up once around 3:30am to eat...im so used to it now that i don't even care...i think when she turns 6 months ill have her cry it out though so she can start sleeping throught the night completely. 
-loves her blankie
-likes to chew on her hand
-loves to cuddle
-started sucking her thumb
-loves to play with her feet
-gives the best smiles

we love you like nothing else, sweet baby girl.

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