twenty-five & a video

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

so for my twenty-fifth birthday (on the 8th) I really just wanted to spend quality time with my loved ones. nothing too fancy, just wanted to have fun. it was a BLAST. i woke up early and got a good long run in in the morning. felt so good. then came home to my favorite breakfast made and some surprises from my sweet husband..he made a little shirt for Piper to wear that said "HBD MOMMY" i died when i saw her. we took some bikes to the crystal cove trail, which is a gorgeous trail along the cliffs overlooking the ocean. we really wanted to take P with us so we tried out a little seat for her that we borrowed from my sister and it worked! she's still a tad too small to be completely comfortable, but was fine. she even fell asleep. we couldn't get over that little helmet on her head. KILLED ME. gosh that girl. then we went to banzai to get our favorite acai bowls that of course, didn't disappoint. jason had a massage appointment ready for me when i got home so i left and got to enjoy one hour of heaven to myself. it was amazing. then bowling with the fam and dinner! topped off the night with a dance party and some ice cream cones and you've got a great birthday. in my opinion. 

until next year, march 8th! 

5 months

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

my pipey girl is 5 months today!
-naps 3x a day - 2 hours up, 2 hours down
-started rice cereal and avocados last week and LOVES them..the girl was ready
-likes to stare at older kids playing...intrigued!
-loves swings
-thinks its funny when i read books to her..she just looks at me the whole time and laughs
-loves to be sung to
-rolls over half-way..we are currently working on the full roll 
-is mastering her hand-eye coordination and getting so good at it
-loves to take her binkie out, twist it around, and then put it back in (we are still very impressed by this)
-just started sitting in the stroller this week WITHOUT her carseat 
-she is super tall and leaning out
-loves showers still 
-we've taken her in the jacuzzi with us and she loves it (she loves anything dealing with water, really)
-looooves her jumper and gets giddy when she's jumping around in it
-talks a lot
-still not sleeping thru the night, wakes up once around 3:30am to so used to it now that i don't even care...i think when she turns 6 months ill have her cry it out though so she can start sleeping throught the night completely. 
-loves her blankie
-likes to chew on her hand
-loves to cuddle
-started sucking her thumb
-loves to play with her feet
-gives the best smiles

we love you like nothing else, sweet baby girl.
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