Thursday, July 16, 2015

In April we spent a few days over on Oahu with my best friend and her family. 
We stayed with them in Turtle Bay and wish we could've stayed foreverrrr. It was so much fun and i loved seeing Piper and Sylver (her son) build a little relationship between the two of them. They had so much fun together. They took a bath together every night and one night when we were out of the bathroom, it was too quite so I spied on them to see what they were up to and Piper was standing up washing Sylver's hair. We were all dying over it. So funny. 
It was a short trip, but a good time none the less. 

early flight
 they both took of their shirts and instantly became friends

 Gigi & Papi were there too!

 pillbox hike. piper had the best time ;)

 piper having a great time again...

 Bree did a little photoshoot of Piper and Sylver for a children's clothing company.

we'll see you soon hawaii..real soon..

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