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Thursday, July 16, 2015

because it's been that long and I'd rather just post pictures than write paragraph upon paragraph about what we've been up to the past few months. 

although I will write an update on Pipey's because this is my journal and I want to remember what she's like at this stage in her little life:
21 months. HOW is she going to be 2 soon? :(  
eats: yogurt, yogurt, and more yogurt. 
blueberries, smoothies, dried mangoes, pb&j sandwiches, apple cinnamon sticks (TJ's) -- she can down a huge bag in 1 day easily, chicken every once in awhile, cereal, waffles, eggs, and more yogurt.
she's pretty picky and ALWAYS wants to eat what other people have..but if i had the exact same thing, she wouldn't eat it. only drinks water (her preference)
still loves cars and trucks, her baby, balls (she's pretty good at kicking the ball)
obsessed with Frozen. she begs to watch it multiple times a day. she says "oovie" for "movie" and cannot pronounce Elsa for the life of her. sings let it go. cracks up at certain parts. she's obsessed.
still loves mickey mouse clubhouse too. "a show?" when she wants to watch this.
she is talking a tonnnn and does really well at understanding and repeating what you say.
a few common words that are used very often:
blankie = "ginke"
water = "wa wa"
love you  = "wa wu"
yogurt = "gogurt"
say "OFF" for everything.
asks to go "nigh nigh" (for nap time and bedtime)
loves to fold her arms and close her eyes when we say prayers.
says "mommy" 1,000 times every minute (only drives me a little crazy ;) )
loves the beach and playing in the water
is fearless at the pool and scares me sometimes with how brave she can be
goes to bed at 8 wakes up at 7:30am.
naps for 3 hours.
loves to kiss and hug. 
also loves to hit kids that are smaller than her (her little cousins) i don't know why she does this. maybe because she's finally bigger than someone and feels the need to prove it? trying to work on this with her ;) 
i love everything about her at this age. she can be crazy some days, but she is so much fun and understanding so much more every single day. 

now for the photo dump...
 Easter morning

 Easter egg hunt
 4th of July

 Cuzzie time

 Beach time

 loves sunglasses
 strawberry picking

 donut run
 Roller skating 

 those lips <3 those lashes <3
 May Day party

 Meeting cousin Shea 

 Flower Fields

 Family bike ride around the harbor
 happy fishy
 Disneyland date night
 quality time with Q
 her favorite thing is to get in the middle of us, put her arms around us and pull us in and say "cheee" for a picture 
 we have a little tradition to make a birthday sign and make a video of us singing happy bday to our family members..just had to document it
 that kiss...
 day apart buddies
 blueberry picking in solvang
 couldn't quite make it to her bed
 ..and again
 camping in Solvang for memorial day
 Disney days
 some more cuzzie time
 some more date nights


 she's a lover of downward dog

 donuts at our favorite spot
 went to one of Uncle Russ's volleyball games..wanted to hug this guy the whole time
 Cousin sadie -- one of her all time favorite people
 sunset snuggles while daddy surfs
 yogurt all day, erryday
 crazy girl
 it's a little embarrassing how often we go to gspoon...i was practically raised on this stuff

 post nap hair
 got this housewife thing down
 freaking babe. PALM SPRINGS (anniversary getaway)

 sunglasses again..

 i love all these little people

 my new favorite pic of these two. 4th of July EMERALD BAY

 CA Science Center
 so fun being together with my college besties and celebrating the love of my sweet alexa and her soulmate <3 i want this day on repeat a few times..
 just because i love her in this dress.

 there she goes again kissing all the boys..

until next time...

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