Love Day

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Surprise, surprise! I love Valentine's day.
I just love anything cheesy, sappy, and romantical. 
Not the bachelor kind of cheese...Real genuine sap.
I'm a softy and nothing gets me going more than genuine feelings do..especially expressing those feelings.
I LOVE seeing everyone out and about picking up something special for their sweetheart. I saw an older guy today at the grocery buying a huge bouquet of roses for his significant other. My heart was about to burst! The sweetest. 
This Valentine's day is the 4th one that Jason and I have celebrated together.
We have always been low key and stayed at home in the past, but this year I'm wanting to go out.
What I really want is some frozen yogurt and a chick flick. So that is what we are going to do!...if he makes it home at a decent hour..
(Sidenote: have I mentioned I am doing no sweets/treats/desserts this year? Well I am. And this is the second month of it. For my sanity though, I do allow myself one day a month to treat myself. Today is that day. I already had a donut for breakfast - which was amazing - and I'm planning on having frozen yogurt with LOTS of Reese's and cookie dough on top. This is a big deal people. I've been counting down this day for awhile. Finally it's here!!) 
Anywho. I hope all you lovebirds are having a great day and feeling extra loved.

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