Four Months

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My sweetest Pipey's is four months today.
This girl is getting bigger and bigger by the day, I cannot even handle it.
She loves to cuddle and be sung to.
She still loves her baths and showers.
She is now sleeping in her own room. (i may have gotten a little emotional the first night - she's too old!)
Loves holding toys and putting them in her mouth.
Loves to sleep with the silky side of her blanket touching her face.
Has started full on laughing. The best.
Talks non stop.
Likes to be read to..but not too many books;)
Still loves to go on walks and runs with mama. Or just be in her carseat in general.
still eating great.
likes to hang out with her friends. 
is starting to like tummy time.
can roll onto her side from her back (not completely roll over all the way just yet)
kicks her legs like no other...she might start running before she walks by the rate she kicks those legs.
likes to watch tv, observe everything around her, and is mesmerized by older kids.
just found her feet (today, actually) and has been holding onto them.
Nicknames: Pipey's, boobooz, chicky boobooz, piper girl, pipers (dane likes to call her that), pipesicle, pipes, pipe master, sweet p...

i really cannot believe my girl is four months, but im loving this stage more than the last. 
she is so fun and yummy and oh my goodness i really might eat her up.
happy four month sweet p!

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  1. Oh her face is delectable. I love seeing piper's growth cause she is one month before Teddy, and so I read all the things to look forward to! Happy 4 months sweet Piper girl!


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