But Seriously..

Friday, March 2, 2012

I just saw these precious pics (for his company's website, I believe) of my man and I'm sure this is the exact feeling Moms get when their child brings home their school pictures.
I just want to blow it up, frame it, and hang it up on our wall already.
Or maybe on the fridge.
Is that weird?
The cutest thing.

You know how Mom's these days post pictures of only their kids? (Which I know I am probably totally going to do) But what if I did the same thing but with Jason?
Sleeping, eating, walking, just got out of the bath pics.
Just kidding I won't.
But seriously..I think he is the cutest. :)


  1. Even though I'm shamelessly one of those moms, I still think you should do it of Jason, at least for a month. You can borrow Trevor's bouncy seat for some classic pictures of Jason!

    1. hahaha melissa yes! jason would look so cute in that bouncy seat. Ps. I love your pics of your little babe. he is seriously adorable. keep em comin:)

  2. Annie, I seriously seriously seriously love this post! I think you and J have the cutest relationship. I adore it. You two are perfect together. I'm obsessed. XOXO

  3. hahaha annie.... you guys are going to have the cutest kids. I agree with megan- your relationship with Jason is adorable and reminds me to be more playful and take things less seriously.

  4. Not weird...Put it on the fridge! That's where all who are truly loved go. I love that you love him soooo much.

  5. he already has a hooded towel! hahaha

  6. you're adorable

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