Weekend Recap

Monday, February 27, 2012

Although we both had work up to our eyeballs this weekend, we still found some time to enjoy our precious weekend time together.
Recap includes: dinner date at Umami (FINALLY went there are we are in love with it), soccer game for the husband, stopped by the nursery to find some plants for our place, lots of Friday Night Lights watching (our current entertainment obsession), went to MILK and got the yummiest ice cream bar & sandwich, and just plain enjoyment while being together.

These days, we live for the weekends.


  1. Loving all the pictures. That milk place looks devine. wish I wasn't dairy free.... thanks a lot myles!

    Also, I'm so happy you get the weekends to rejuvenate and do fun things.

  2. all of that food looks so yummy!! cute couple.


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