A Questionable Comeback

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Remember long denim skirts? Huge platform shoes(i.e. chunky spice girl shoes)? Crop tops (Christiana Aguilara style)?
What about calf length skirts - sheer floral top layer? Chokers? Anklets? Jellies? Overalls? Glittered lips, eyes, body lotion, hair spray? - anyone remember roll on glitter?
We all know we wore those and thought we looked really cool in those denim skirts with our hair pulled back in butterfly clips (I loved those things), right?
Well, by the looks of it, the 90's are making a comeback.
& I'm not sure how I feel about it.
Via Forever21

Via UO

(Both) Via Anthro
Via UO
 I might need to be really convinced about the comeback of this era.


  1. and i totally remember butterfly clips and roll on sparkle EVERYTHING! gosh i thought that was so cool. EVERYONE did it in middle school. the cheek roller? haha, so funny

  2. I was all about butterfly clips, overalls, jellies and butterfly clips. But its tragic some have to make a comeback. Truly sad. The book has ended! Don't read the tragedy AGAIN!

  3. Oh boy, all things I remember and look back and wonder W.H.Y. did i do that!? So I am with ya, I might need to really really be convinced. haha crazy!

    1. haha i know! nuts right? I'm glad I'm not alone on this.

  4. i can't agree with you more. I'm not so thrilled about some of what's coming back.


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