Two Things..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I have recently discovered a new hobby...
 A little thing called sewing. 
I just got home from a 2 hour class and I wish it were longer. It was so fun and so much easier than I thought. I now have so many projects in mind and can't wait to get started. 
I've been itching to have a creative project to do for months now, and now I can have just the idea of what I can do:)

Hummus Veggie Pizza.
I am obsessed. In love. Blown away by the flavor and delicousness.
I have a feeling this is going to happen in our home every week for the next little while.
It's that good.
Go ahead and make it. 

That is all for now.


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  2. first, i cant wait to try your pizza!!! second, im dying to get my own sewing machine again!! i loved taking sewing class growing up. the possibilities are endless!!! ahh im so jeal!! i cant wait to see your proj!! and thats so fun your taking a class. i had no idea annies!!:) xx

  3. okay sister we are so trying that hummus pizza!! Could I grab the recipe from ya?
    I'm glad you like sewing so much. Make sure to share your projects!! love ya!

  4. Ok I want to take a sewing class so bad! That sounds so fun! Where are you taking it? You've inspired me to do it!


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