Monday, April 28, 2014

it's kind of hard not to take a million pictures of my girl all day everyday.
everything she does makes me laugh/melt/want to squeeze her.
so, i wanted post some pictures of my pipey girl doing random things on different days, just because.
we love you boobooz!
here's some iphone randoms for you...
 loves her tongue
 first baseball game
 she already knows how to smile for the camera.

 doin what we do best..beachin it
 just woke up..just fed her in the parking lot in my car..real life.

 best shopping buddy around

 i kiss those cheeks every second i can
 always happy

 she loves her lion, Lionel

 the many faces of this 6.5 month old..& she discovered her tongue
most mornings look like this..she wakes up too early so we bring her in bed with us and try to go back to sleep for just a little longer..while she's wide-eyed and just stares at us the whole time. 

ps. i pretty much take pictures/videos and send them to jason all day long. 
these are some of those.

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