Monday, April 28, 2014

So, April has been an insanely busy month. 
one of the huge things that has happened this month is that we MOVED!
as you know, we have been living with my parents in Mission Viejo for the past 10 months and it was amazing. It was such a special time..i mean, we brought our first child home to that house. raised her for 6 months there. we got to hang out and bond with my parents on such a different level and it will always be a time that i will look back and cherish. 
thanks again mom & dad! we miss you guys every day. (even though you're only 20 min away)

our new home is in San Clemente!
we are renting a 2bed/2bath condo and we are in love. 
top four things on our list:
good deal
done. done. done. and done.

actually, jacuzzi was my number one. love my spa time :) 
we really scored. we were in no rush to find a place when staying at my parents because obviously it was so nice to save some money and everything just worked there. but we always said, if we found something that had everything on our wish list, PLUS being a super good deal, then we couldn't pass it up. and that's what happened! we are walking distance to the beach and we technically have an ocean view. its like a little sliver, but it counts! Last night, we saw the sun set on the water from our living room. pretty awesome.

we love it! 
i don't have any pictures, but i'll post some soon..once we have furniture.
(we currently sit on the floor to eat all our meals)

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