Playing catch up: JUNE

Friday, August 9, 2013

oops. I've neglected this blog for too long and now that I finally have a day to relax so I decided
it was time to update this thing. Since my last post, too much has happened for 1 post so in a nutshell, this is what happened in June:
 Soaked up our last days in LA
 I went on a girls trip to Palm Springs with my mom & sisters
 Miss my LA family already! They threw me a darling shower 2 weeks before we left.

 6 months prego shots..I'm almost positive jason is sick of taking these of me..but he's gotta suck it up - only 2 more months!
 off to his last day of work! he (we) couldn't be more stoked.

 Spent our last night in LA with friends at a Dodgers game
 & made a stop at the Pie Hole in downtown to try their beloved pie dishes.
Then packed up on the hottest weekend EVER and moved our buns down to Orange County. Can't believe it's already been 5 weeks since we moved down here. So fast! It's been so fun to be down here and get to hang out with Jason all day every day. We both realize this is a rare opportunity so we are living it up to the fullest. Who knows when we'll be able to have this much time together - especially once baby girl comes! 

Job update for those interested: my man is still unemployed and we are not complaining. He is looking though, and looking hard. It's tough out there, but we both know something will happen and neither of us are worried. Just living it up til then!


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