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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Money: A piece of thin paper, yet one of the most powerful things. {I hate it.}

I'm married.
Which means I get cut off from all financial ties.
Which means I have to start paying my own bills.
Which means I am now broke.
But my Dad was smart and taught us when we were young how to save our money and pay for our own things. We always paid for our own clothes (besides christmas/school shopping), own gas, bought our own cars (or still paying him back ;)) but not the bills. Phone bills, car insurance, etc. I just bought my own car insurance 10 minutes ago and I am sick to my stomach of how much it is. Oh to be young again and the only worries you have are what you are going to eat and who you were going to play with.

Sorry this isn't the happiest of posts, but I needed to vent.


  1. I know exactly how you feel.. It was a BIG eye opener when I got married.. and I cant say it gets any better. I hate mondays. Thats when I go through our finances and am constantly reminded how broke we really are haha I tell my husband all the time that it feels like it will never end... but hopefully some day I wont hate it this much!! hang in there!

  2. sorry to post two in one.. but I work for State farm insurance, so I deal with car insurance every day. Youre in utah right? I dont think it should be enough to make you sick.. I wonder if you are getting the discounts available.. hmm.. let me know. email me on facebook if you want some help at finding a good deal. elyse brantingham.

  3. Ya, paying bills isn't the most fun thing about marriage. It's hard to say goodbye to that hard earned money. Just make sure that between you and Jason you communicate who is paying what bill and when. It's very easy to forget about those little things when you're having fun :)But it does get easier I promise!

  4. Still feeling the affects of this one and its been over two years!! It stinks!! I hate it!!! Hopefully some day this won't be so much of an issue!!

  5. I feel you 100% when the honeymoon is over and reality hits! I never knew how much things were. Paying two car payments, medical insurance, two phone bills, two everything life seems to not be sooo fun and all you thik about is am I really old enough to be paying this? and when does it end....never!!! I just wanna go shopping and you can't! or when you were dating you ate out every weekend at PF Changs and CPK, etc.... now its Taco Bell or Wendy's...blahhhh its been 2 1/2 years and I still hate it!!! Growing up sucks! haha well in some ways! I guess Im not helping with up lifting you up!sorry!


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