I started something new this week.
I decided to experiment with being all nat-ur-al.
(with food, that is)
For years I have dealt with chronic headaches. It was nothing out of the ordinary to wake up and pop in some Excedrin migraine-every day. It was almost routine. 
I went to the doctors a couple years ago where they drew my blood to see what the cause was of these constant headaches, but no results. It has been an ongoing thing for about 6 or so years now..you'd think I'd think about changing my eating habits sooner, but I never even thought twice about it. 
Then a few weeks ago I got the brilliant idea that maybe it was something I was eating. 
So a couple of days ago I decided to test my body and change my ways.
Nothing processed.
No sugar.
Straight up organic. 
My headaches have disappeared!
And I couldn't be happier.
If you suffer from headaches/migraines, then you know what a freedom this is.
I thought it would be the hardest thing since I have the biggest sweet tooth, but it has been so easy.
If you have any good recipes, please share! :)


  1. i have never heard it's easy to refuse ice cream, cookies, and any other kind of sweet.

    what is your secret??

  2. I want that! Tell me how! You have motivated me :)

  3. Eating healthy is the best! Annie, I miss you!!!

  4. MORE POWER TO YAH! I need to start eating better!

  5. annie!! way to go! that's amazing you can be so disciplined... you must tell me how you do this? miss you and so exciting jason got a job! tell him congrats and keep in touch.

    xoxo... jenna and trevor


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