Made the Cut

Friday, November 19, 2010

I got Bangs.
It's been an ongoing debate with myself for about 11 months now. 
To get the bangs or not to get them.
So I bit the bullet and did it.
I was in DESPERATE need of a change. 

(excuse the solo really not a fan of when people take pics of themselves, by themselves, but everytime I wanted to take it Jason was never around so i just did. This will be the first and last time.)


  1. they look way cute on you. i had them too but they recently grew out!

  2. they are super cute. i'd chalk this up to a good decision.

  3. I'm happy I was the lucky one that got to go with you to get those bad boys! You look so cute with bangs-- And you are Annie Kimball, you can pull off anything!

  4. love the bangs. you can rock it.

    p.s. it's 'bite the bullet' not 'bite the bull.' haha. you are funny.

  5. hahaha i know i realized that later and didnt come around to changing it till now..haha


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