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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It is the beginning of the week and I guess what they say is true, 
all good things must come to an end. 
Surprise surprise, we went down south to hang with our families for the three day weekend.
We can never get enough.
Saturday Morning we packed all our things and drove down to meet up with J's fam to celebrate Karly & Stan's (FIL) birthdays. The rest of the weekend consisted of the usual - food, fun, family, and the beach (which should be a given by now ;)
Here's some snap shots of our weekend. 
 Yep, we are wearing the same pants. This hasn't happened just once..
Side note: my in laws just got back from Hawaii, hence the Hawaiian coordinated shirts.
 Met up with these babes & their babes.
 & apparently our imaginary babe. haha.

It was another great weekend. 
Hope yours was great too!!


  1. Random, but is your hub in Dental School? Is yes, I just found out!

    1. ha nope. He is in investment banking, planning on going to business school in a year. but my brother in law is in dental school at usc. maybe you're thinking him?

  2. love the hawaiian shirts, pretend baby and the last picture. You two are HOTT!

  3. hahaha the pretend baby pic was awesome. so are all your clothes... my closet sucks! Looks like you guys had a blast of a weekend. miss&love u.

  4. Love the pictures! Jason looks pretty good holding that pretend baby! haha

  5. Love this the one with the Kimball clan. Favorite...last photo of you and J! Laughed outloud at the pretend baby photo. So cute.


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