A half

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This past weekend was our long awaited half marathon up in Ventura.
This was my second and Jason's first.
I was so proud of him for doing it - without training, at all! (boys blow my mind sometimes)
It was overcast and cool - perfect running weather & the smallest race I've ever been a part of, only about 200 people ran it in total. I kinda loved how small it was. 
We ran along the PCH and watched the surfers the whole way. 
It was great. 
 Just a little exhausted...
Here is a picture of my hair in my last race where I had it in a ponytail. It became a huge knot from getting tangled by the sweat of my back so this time I decided it would be best I ran with a braid. Still got pretty crazy, but it did the trick for me.

Thinking of running another one September 15th.
In ventura again, but a different course...any takers??


  1. Nice job U2~ Very impressive! Annie, can we please do one these together after I have this baby!?! And train for it? XOOXXO

  2. good job, im runnin my first half in october at gunstock ranch near laie, we're stoked. chase never trains either and he is still way faster, so annoying. good job for finishing your second!! its the best feeling running and not getting winded at all. my legs always wanna give out before anything else haha! good job!! get your sissies to run it with ya!

  3. Great job, congratulations to both of you! I'd really love to read how you've trained for this run. Could you please write about it? Thank you, Steffie


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