Summer Update

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I have no idea who still reads this, but that's ok. I want to document what is going on in our lives for record purposes:)
This summer has been a little different that usual..I won't get into all of it, but basically J's current job owns him and we really only see each other on the weekends. His job pretty much owns him year round, but since it is summer I am THAT much more annoyed about it. That being said, we LIVE for the weekends and try to jam pack those days into non stop summer fun.
Get ready for picture overload.

We had our 2nd annual LeSueur reunion last weekend & it was a blast. 
We camped on the beach at Del Mar in Oceanside and it was picture perfect.
It was so fun..I just wish it was a week long instead of just the weekend. But I'll take what I can get:)
 Nothing like camping on the sand: going to bed and waking up to the sound of waves = heaven.

 I REALLY really love my sisters. They are simply the best.

 It is a blessing and curse that we live so close to this delicious gold mine. 
Next time you're in LA, stop by for a scoop of heaven on a cone.
(a bit pricey, but what in LA isn't these days..sigh)
 Saturdays. Beach. All. Day. Long.
 Growing up we always went to movies and concerts at Mission Viejo Lake. There was nothing more fun than sitting on the grass on a summer night with blankets and food and watching a movie under the stars. I was determined to find the best "movie in the park" vendor and this particular one did not disappoint. A live band started off the night while food trucks were lined up to grab a bite to eat. We love us some food truck street food.
The movie featured was Twilight (I know, I know) but it wasn't bad, it was actually quite comical and we enjoyed the whole thing! (jason really got into it..but don't tell him I said that;)
 Obviously we make our monthly (or more) weekend trips down to our hometowns. 
(FYI people always like to tease us about going down so often, but when both your families are from there, and we both have fairly large families there is ALWAYS something going on especially in the summer..another blessing/curse in our life, but I look at it more as a blessing :)

 This is my pretty friend Courtney. I love when she takes sick days to go to shop and go to the beach with me all day! She's da best.

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  1. Loved everything on this post. Really loved the photo of your girls laughing. I need a print of that. Fun times!!!


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