The Best..Ever

Thursday, September 6, 2012

9 days of pure bliss.
I don't even know where to begin with this post.
I guess I'll start by saying it was the most amazing trip of my {our} life. 
We got back late Sunday night and have been a little depressed ever since.
Not to mention extremely jet-lagged. {They are 15 hours ahead in Bali, so you can imagine how off we are..we were just getting caught up with their time zone when we left..}
We caught the red eye Friday flight and got ready to take on 21 hours of traveling..yikes, I know.
13 hour flight from LA to Taipei, Taiwan. 
3 hour layover.
5 hour flight from Taipei to Denpasar, Bali.
After watching about 8 movies and eating {or not eating} the in-flight meals, I was so ready to get off that plane. Plus, I can't sleep on planes which makes it all 100 times worse.
Every time I looked over at Jason he was passed out - head back/mouth open.
So jealous.
Side-note: We flew with China Airlines so obviously their meal options were mostly Chinese-type meals.
Chinese food, eh, not my fav. How does fish oatmeal sound to you for breakfast?
 We landed in Bali Sunday afternoon and were sooooooo happy to finally be there.
{Kinda crazy that we completely skipped Saturday August 26th}
We got a "taksi" as they spell it, to our place and headed straight to the sand.
We stayed in Bingin which they call a "sleepy surf town." Everyone stays in these huts on a cliff overlooking the water and 99% of the people staying there came just to surf.
The locals were so sweet and willing to help us out with ANYTHING.
Everything there is incredibly cheap. We rented a motorbike for $5 a day and zipped around the southern peninsula of the island where we stayed. 
Our days consisted of beach, surf, swimming, eating, relaxing, semi sight seeing, and anything else we pleased. 
Ugh my heart already aches to be back there just writing this. 
I took a ton of pictures so be ready because there's A LOT.
{& if you follow me on insta, sorry for the repeats.}

Disclaimer: these are all taken with my trusty iphone. My sweet sis let me borrow her canon but I haven't uploaded those yet, so stay tuned for some more. Also, those that asked to see the pics of J surfing, those are on the real camera so I'll get back to you on that :)

Landing in Taiwan
 BBQ on the beach our first night

 Our outdoor bathroom, which i loved. Except I had a little toad friend who always came to play when I was taking a shower. Literally every time. I may have screamed a couple times..

 Dinner...your choice.
 First morning, waxin it up!
 Love this little bungalow we stayed in.
Don't love that dang obama face on his board. Hate it actually.
{So why is that on his board you ask? Because I would want to know too..His brother is sponsored and was given this board with that on it. Jason is "borrowing" it while he his on his mission.}

 Bingin Beach
 Poor J cut up his foot on the coral pretty bad the first day.

 Every time we put our helmets on we would crack up, without fail. They were bigger than our heads!
 Uluwatu Temple
 Where we watched their cultural dance performance

 Trattatoria..our favorite restaurant
 I think motorbiking around was one of my favorite things. Although, I wish this guy didn't get his finger in the pic..oh well:)
Dreamland Beach
Surfing is the cure to all his worries. Look how happy he is!

 Our first {yes we had more than one} couple's massage. $8. Can't beat that in the states.
 Tea and fruit - post massage.

 Family time
 These guys were funny.
 Loved all the rice fields
 He must've just gone surfing..look at that face!
 Padang-Padang Beach

 Uluwatu Beach
My favorite
The prettiest place I have ever been to

Underwater kissing pics were a struggle 
 So pretty I couldn't even handle it! I wanted to be there all day, every day.

 Breakfast poolside

View of Bingin and Dreamland

 Balangan Beach
 She shells

Sets upon sets

 Bingin, again

 Where we stayed
 Ulu's it

 Early morning surf..I was still sleeping when he came in and told me to come out real quick. I hurried out and saw blood running down his head and neck..I first gagged, then was forced to check it out to see if he needed stitches. It was deep, but luckily just enough where he didn't need them.
 Our last 2 days/1 night we decided to stay on a little island off of Bali called Nusa Lembongan.
It was absolutely stunning and the water unreal

 Struggling again with our underwater pics
 I love that face.

 We're on the injured list.
(Kate or Jill, name that movie)

And that's not all.
If I ever get around to it, I will upload the rest.


  1. I am so jealous!!! Looks like so much fun. Miss you girl

    1. arielllll i miss you more! why has it been YEARS since we've seen each other!! :( love that you are living in NC these days. i've always wanted to visit!

  2. This place is so beautiful! I feel like I went there just seeing these photos. So glad you two got a much needed vacation! Simple awesome!

  3. Little Giants! we seriously need to watch that again...and BIG Green.

    Dying over that water!! Looks amazing.
    Love the underwater kissing pic. haha
    Which fish did you eat?
    Jason's head...ouch.
    My dream is that infinity pool overlooking the ocean...DREAM!!
    Those monkeys hahaha
    Scooters are the best.
    And an $8 massage, sign me up!!
    You two are HOTT!!!...nuff said

    so glad you guys went. looks amazing. I want to go...someday!

    1. hahah YES i knew you'd get it. couples trip 2014. start saving.

  4. Holy cow, I'm so jealous! That looks like an amazing trip!

  5. wow those pics of the sets just rolling through kills me. so jealous. hope you surfed a lot too!

  6. yay for all of these pics!!! So great to get away with your man, right?

    i recognized 3 of your pics from our el sal trip: looking out at ocean in infinity pool, drinking from coconut, and yoga tree pose. haha. we must be sisters.

    can't wait to see the rest of the pics!

    2014 baby! can't wait

    1. haha i knew about the infinity pool but how funny i didn't even realize the other two. totally sisters.

      is it 2014 yet?

  7. you little bali babe! :) looks like it was an awesome trip!

  8. This is such a dream!! I am in love with all of these pics- especially that under water kissing! Haha. I'm so glad you two got to do this. Def on my list of things to do!


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