Mexico (picture overload)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Ohhhhh Mexicooo" was the song we sang the whole trip.
It was SO NICE to get away, just the two of us with NO work distractions. It kind of felt like we were on our honeymoon again. Actually people asked us multiple times if it was our honeymoon, but in fact it was our "babymoon." Jason and I have both been to Mexico, but only to some parts just south of the border so we were excited to travel somewhere new together. We actually got a free trip by going to a time share presentation so that is why we went! The resort was super nice and the food! You guys, the food. It was seriously unreal. I did some research beforehand to make sure I had a list of some highly recommended restaurants and we were not disappointed one bit. I could eat Mexican food every day so I was a happy girl. All of these pictures are kind of all jumbled up and although this might seem like a lot of pictures, I wish I would've taken more. (and I am SO BUMMED we forgot our lifeproof case for our iphone to take underwater pictures..oh well) One day we took a boat to a secluded beach called Caletas where we paddleboarded, snorkeled, kayaked, had an open bar where we had all the free pineapple juice we wanted, and amazing breakfast and lunch. It was an all inclusive excursion and it was SO worth it. Another day we took the bus (so incredibly bumpy and our tire blew out...just my luck) to a little surf town about 45 min north to Sayulita. Jason was praying for some good waves, but we got little rollers so we both longboarded. It was fun...until I stepped on a sea urchin and had to get all these splinters taken out of my foot by the locals. Luckily, we got them all out. (what is with us and injury our feet on vacations? it never fails) The other days we hung out at the pool, beach, played some tennis, went to the gym, watched a dinner show at our resort, drank lotttttsss of strawberry smoothies, went to the Malecon and walked along the boardwalk, went to the flea market, ate at some amazing restaurants, and just soaked it all up. 
All of these pictures are taken with my iphone so sorry for the poor quality. We are working on getting a legit camera soon;)

 The Mexican air made our hair craaaazy. Especially mine. All the sudden I had a fro every single day. Never had that ever in my life.
 17 weeks...size of a sweet potato

It was such a good time and we were so sad when it ended. We definitely want to go back there and hit up our favorite restaurants with the best enchiladas, beans, and guac you will ever have in your life!
Gracias for the amazing time Puerto Vallarta. We looooove you.
(video to come)

Baby news: I felt some movement for the first time while we were in Mexico! Such an amazing feeling! I can't get enough of it. I felt her the most when I was lying on my stomach laying out and I'm not sure she liked that. She was probably saying "mom! you're squishing me!" And it made me a little nervous so I would always quickly move onto my back. Also, if there was a camera that followed jason and I around it would show us singing like 90% of the time. We think that we are really good and try really hard to harmonize and it's kind of hilarious, but baby girl totally loves it. When we sing I start to feel her moving around in there. She especially likes Boys II Men "All My Life." We also got her some cute little dresses from the flea market that I'm obsessed with. Jason picked one out and I picked out the other. Already can't wait to see her in them:)


  1. What a fun trip! You look great! At that stage in pregnancy you almost want to wear a sign "I"m pregnant, not fat." Love it.

    1. haha totally. i definitely in the awkward stage where you don't know if im pregnant or just gained weight...not an ideal time to be in a bathing suit ;)

  2. Wow...glad to hear you did so much with your time there. Love all the photos. Especially love that you two "babymooned" with no work distractions.


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