LABOR(less) Day

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I was joking the whole day about how I might go into "labor" on Labor Day! It was cheesy, but we thought it was funny. But really...I technically could go into labor any day now because I am officially FULL TERM. This is weird. I never thought I'd get to this point...and it's still surreal to me that this is actually going to happen. ahhhh. I feel like I'm ready for this, but they always say you're never really ready. I guess I'm just ready to meet my sweet girl and excited to get this pregnancy over with:)

We spent the holiday at Emerald Bay in Laguna with our family and it was so nice. It was sunny and warm and perfect. The water was freezing. My favorite kind of days are waking up and packing the cooler with lunches and snacks and spending the day at the beach all day long until the sun sets. Those days are the best. And that's exactly what we did. 
ALSO on labor day was my dad's birthday! The big 5-6! I just love my dad so much and sometimes when I talk about him, I get a little emotional. He is a tender one and I was always his little buddy growing up. I loved being the "caboose" of the family and he was the "caboose" of his. We would always go to the pool and swim together, jacuzzi, piggy back rides, he always wrote me cute notes at back to school night and would leave them in my desk for me to read the next morning when I got to school, he was my soccer coach many of times, my baseball coach, and I appreciate all that he has taught me. He used to wake us kids up at the crack of dawn to start on our saturday chores. He would also wake us up to go do laps at the high school track where he'd time us and then we'd go to the lake and swim laps. I loved it. He taught me how to work hard for something I wanted and to appreciate the things that I earned. It was because of him that I started working at 14 years old and bought by first car when I was 16. (at the time I didn't love that, but looking back I want to do the same with my kids) I love this sweet dad of mine and I just wanted to wish him a very happy birthday! Love you dad!! xo


  1. i stumbled upon your blog on accident, but holy smokes: you're hilarious. i hope to be pregnant this time next year so that i can reuse your jokes :)

    also.. gorgeous wedding pictures :)

    1. you're so sweet! haha! use my jokes allll you want;) and THANK YOU you just made my day

  2. This is the sweetest post! Exciting that you are full term! Great things ahead!


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