Saturday, April 4, 2015

welp. looks like I've neglected this blog the past few months, but I'm determined to be better.
i want to write things down so i don't forget them..like my eighteen month old babe!
you can read if you want, but I'm really just writing this for records sake :)
im loving this age.
random facts about the boobooz at 18 months:
-says a little over 10 words: dada, mama (although she prefers to say dada all day), doggy, ball, bubbles, elbow "bel-bow" (random i know), go, hi, yaaaa, no-no, toes, choo-choo, shoes, and Jesus.
-loves to eat: YOGURT!, chocolate, smoothies, pb&j sandwiches, lara bars/any kind of bar, graham crackers, water..
-loves: to be FREE..free spirit, this girl..as long as she has room to run, then she's happy. loves the beach, park, "swimming" - she's obsessed with jumping into the pool over and over and over..her blankie and binkie, a few of her stuffed animals, kicking a soccer ball, dancing, and she loves to laugh...she cracks up randomly over nothing. its kind of hilarious.
-goes to bed at 8ish - wakes up at 7.30ish
-if you ask her to "do your eyes" she'll roll her eyes to the side and it kills us..although i have a feeling the whole eye rolling thing won't be as cute when she's 13..
-if you ask her "where's your muscles" she totally poses while "flexing" her arms.
-if you ask her to "squeeze your cheeks" she'll full on grab and pinch her cheeks for you
-if you ask her to "show me your happy face" she'll give you a full on cheeser face with a scrunched nose and everything
-can point to her nose, eyes, ears, hair, head, mouth, teeth, tongue, shoulders, elbow, hands, fingers, belly, belly button, bum bum, feet, toes
-every time you put a new outfit on her or her shoes or do her hair, she'll wait for you to say "ohhhh sooo pretty" and then proceed to smile and laugh because she knows how cute she looks.
-takes 1 nap a day..around 12:30 and sleeps for about 2.5 hours (i usually have to wake her up everyday since I have to go nanny, but the days i don't nanny she usually sleeps for 3)
-loves mickey mouse clubhouse..still
-hates sitting in the shopping cart - shopping is a nightmare..the only way we get through it is if i bring or buy some treats.
-threw a huge tantrum the other day in Michaels: broke a vase, screamed her head off for some food (told you, the only way we get through it is if i bring treats), only wanted to be held but when i'd pick her up she wanted to get down, took everything off the shelf and threw it on the ground and in the shopping cart, finally found some goldfish in my backpack and she threw them all over the floor...you get the point..it was a hot mess. and i had to find an empty aisle where no one was around to take a minute and breathe before i lost it..but we made it out ok and found a lollipop in the car and she started laughing and kissing me when i gave it to her..WHAT? girls must be born this way with mood swings...orrrr it's just my daughter...either way, I'm in for it.
-is a social butterfly..says hi to everyone and waits for them to look at her..
-BUT also has a shy side..doesn't love when everyone is watching/all over her..she gets overwhelmed
-so independent - doesn't care if I'm there or not -- people often yell out "WHO'S CHILD IS THIS" thinking she's lost but I'm always watching and she does better when I'm not hovering. (i love how people freak out about this..)
-she loooves anything with wheels - cars, trucks, strollers, shopping carts, etc.
-obsessed with dada. wakes up saying his name, says his name while eating, looks out the window and says dada thinking he's coming home, points to the door says dada thinking he'll walk through the door..you get the point.
-still loves to give open mouthed kisses ...trying to teach her to close her mouth
-loves flowers and has to stop and smell each one when we go on walks
-loves the choo-choo train. when we're at the beach she gets so excited when it goes by..also, we can hear the train from our house and she freaks out then too..she loves it.
-really really loves dogs.
-loves to play with older kids - especially girls. and they always seem to take her under their wing and play with her/help her/everything. she lets them do things with her that she would never let me do (pick her up whenever they want, pull her by her hand to go somewhere, etc)
-such a good helper -- really into helping out with laundry, dishes, cleaning her room..
ill tell her to put her books away and she runs and does it..hope this keeps up ;)
-loves playing with her cousins so much
-is a beach girl through and through...took her to the snow back in february..she liked it but she was made for the sand.
-doesn't love being in her stroller..would rather be out of it and pushing it
-i've learned that as a mother, i have to pick my battles. I'm not always going to win, but that's ok. life's too short to worry about the dumb stuff ..for example..her little stroller for her baby. she's obsessed and the last 2 times we've been to the beach, she had to bring it. like on the sand. if i tried to take it away she would scream bloody murder..but i think we're slowly getting over this..i have also learned that she doesn't do well when being yelled at (yes, i've yelled at her -- oops..im learning too) but she doesn't respond to that. if i kindly say "piper, stop crying." she usually stops. or "piper, calm down, show me what you want"..she'll grab my hand and show me. my next kid might be totally different and will respond to something else, but for now, this is approach works best with her.
-can't get enough of sunglasses..hands down her favorite accessory.

i think that about covers it.
hurrah for 18 months!
im excited to see her change in the coming months..they say 18-24 months is the language explosion..i can't wait for that. (i say that now, but... ;) )

get ready for picture overload..

^ this photo kind of makes me emotional for some reason..that focused look on her face while she watches the birds fly by, the sandy legs, shovel in hand, sprig of a ponytail, diaper bum..i wish i could freeze time and keep her like this forever. i love her so much it hurts

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