Piper at age 2

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

let's get real.
TWO is so hard.
and it's so fun.
but a little bit harder than it is fun, most days.

If you've ever met Piper, you knew within the first few minutes (maybe even seconds) that she is a little spitfire. She is sassy and strong willed. She is so determined and when she sets her mind to something she doesn't let anything stop her.

Communication is getting better between us because she can talk more and she really understands it all..but that doesn't mean she always listens. She does what she wants most of the time, just until recently. She doesn't listen and then i usually give her a few seconds to think about it and then she says "Ok mommy" with a big smile. She gets so proud of herself when she follows directions so she is becoming better at this. She always says "good job piper!" when she does something good.
she always has been (and hopefully always will be) a great sleeper. she goes down easily and wakes up happy (usually). 
we are still working on her appetite. she's pretty picky, but is slowly showing interest in trying new things. i usually just make her a plate of what we are having for dinner and she knows that she has to eat it. maybe not all of it, but a good amount.

she is into all things princesses and anything pretty.
but she still loves her cars and trains.
she loves doggies and loves to pretend to play "mommy" to her little stuffed animals.
she'll walk around with a baby or small animal saying "you're so cute baby. want to eat some soup baby? here's your ba-ba" she loves it.

she is really funny and cracks us up everyday. she loves to make people laugh. she loves to dance and help me out with anything I'm doing. She always asks me "what you doing mama?" and wants to see and be in on the action.

she still doesn't love any attention on her (besides her parents) and she gets reaaaally embarrassed when she gets hurt in front of people. she doesn't cry because she's hurt, she screams and cries because she's embarrassed.
she loves to say hi to people everywhere we go, but the other day we were at target and this sweet lady walked past us and said hi to piper and she looked at her and said "go away!" yikes.
luckily the lady just laughed with me.
but I'm telling you. this girl is so hot and cold. i never know what I'm going to get.
she could be laughing her head off one minute and then freaking out the next.
oh and she's bosses me around all day long.
"stop singing mommy."
"sit down mommy."
"no no mommy."
"go over there mommy."
you get the point. 

two year olds, man. 

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  1. love that little girl! and that picture of Chase and Piper is my fav :)


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