Life the Past few months (pre baby)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Yikes. It's been too long since I've update the ol' blog. Here's a photo dump for my sake :) trying to play catch up...


 Sleepover at Gma + Gpa's (just the girls)

 Surfing with daddy
 bagel date
 Strawberry picking! one of our favorite spring traditions <3

 this girl was in HEAVEN meeting her favorite Princesses...I mean look at that smile

 Disney date just me and my girl
 fam bam
 boardwalk bike rides

 & of course balboa bars

 & more bike riding with my sisters!! (bike rides are my love language)
 Uncle Casey returned home from Chile!!
 Spa day/mother's day retreat (1/2 of us are pregnant!)
 all 4 bros back together after 4 years
 just the luckiest girl at disneyland!
 more disneyland...and more pregnant 
 the best of friends
 my baby shower! yoga in the park! it was a perfect night 
 getting bendy with my girl kelli (our babes born 1 day apart)

 love these 2
 wedding showers for the new kimball <3

 dental work...oh the dental work (insert eye roll emoji)
 may day party!
 flower girl at Michael and Chandler's wedding
 attempting to get a family pic..piper..
 literally had to pull her off the dance floor at their reception. IN HER ELEMENT!

 her bestie's princess bday party

 & a nail salon date...matching outfits included

 38 weeks
 memorial day 2016

 soaking up our last days just the three of us
 said goodbye to our beloved pathfinder and bought a new car! it was time
 on a walk with mommy to get this baby out...
 swimming with sweet violet

aaaand i went into labor a few hours after this pic was taken^^

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  1. ANNIE!! I love that you are blogging again! So fun to see updates of you guys!


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