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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So I'm at Target today and it was full of Moms and their kids.
It was the most entertaining thing. 
I walked around, taking my time, eavesdropping about what the kid is whining about/cute
funny things they are saying/their moms reactions. 
And to make it better, they were giving flu you 
can imagine all the drama that goes along with that.

I am in love with the Rain these past 2 days.
All I want to do is cuddle up to my love and watch something good.
Maybe by the fireplace.
And maybe eat/drink something warm to put in my bod.
I forgot how much I love Fall.

A little over 3 months of being married, and it finally hit me that 
I'm in the real world now. 
(I think it's because we moved out of my parents and into our own place)
It's not the college life anymore and Jason isn't just my boyfriend.
There are spirits that will come and join us when the time is right, 
and I can't help but think that they are constantly watching us. 
For all you people who have been married longer than me, I'm sure
you've felt the same. What a change. I am so excited for the future.

I love change. I love the nervous/anxious feeling of the unknown
and the experiences you gain with each situation. Good and bad.

P.S. We moved to LA this past weekend.
Good times are ahead.


  1. You are growing up! Being a mom is the best! I have a hard time believe that it is really "over" for me. It became more real to me when you and Jason moved to your own place. Bittersweet for me. So happy for you both. And life marches on! We are so lucky that life has been so good to us all!!! You will be a great mom when the time comes. And always, eternally, continue to be a great wife.

  2. wow thanks mom. you are the best :)


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