i am already counting down the days til summer
(& technically it's not even spring yet)
20 reasons why I'm excited for summer
                         1. wearing my bathing suit whenever      
                         2. barefeet                                      
                         3. barbeque's
                         4. nothing on your agenda for the day except the beach 
                         5. lathering maui babe all over in hopes of getting tan                                     
                         6. no makeup
                         7. fruit in the summer always tastes better
                         8. picnics
                         9. warm summer nights
                        10. always something fun happening
                        11. fourth of july is my favorite
                        12. family get togethers
                        13. summer vacations
                        14. being lazy but you don't feel bad about it..cuz its SUMMER you're allowed 
                        15. cute new swim suits
                        16. summer dresses
                        17. sandals everyday
                        18. weddings
                        19. beach hair
                        20. otter pops

dear summer,
please come soon.

1 comment:

  1. oh yes, summer can't come soon enough!! picnics, summer dresses and a little glow to my skin... can't wait!!


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