Monday, May 23, 2011

this past weekend was filled with weddings, driving, hot weather, swimming, family, & good times.
after the Steele wedding on friday (sad i didn't take any pics) we made our way to the desert & spent the night at my grandmas. She made us her famous french toast as soon as we woke up & then we were on our way to AZ. 
First stop: Megan & Brandon's sealing.
it was AWESOME & they were glowing.
they are adorable together & we were so happy we got to be there for their special day.
love you megs!!
it was 95 degrees..we were dying.

 Next Stop: Kyle & Kylee's house!!
my brother & sister in law live in scottsdale so we stayed at their house & had so much fun with them.
we played mad gab (my FAVORITE game) & it was hilarious. we were cracking up the whole time.
& we got to play with these two cuties.
having a picnic inside before church
Luke loves saying our names. & he LOVES jason.
watching the boys play pool
Luke was modeling for me..this was just one of his poses
Luke is really good at imitating what you he is copying jason
Next Stop: the pool!
Lily in her CUTE suit
jason LOVES this little lady. 
i can only imagine how our little girls (if we have any) will be wrapped around his finger.

playing in the water

Last Stop: Church
kylee & i before church. 
so lucky to have such an awesome sister in law. 

and last but not least, we discovered the coolest thing
LeSueur St & Kimball Ave are cross streets right by the temple.
we parked on a random street & had to change in the car into our clothes for the sealing.
i looked up and was speechless! so cool! seriously what are the odds?


  1. sounds like a FUN weekend!

    LOVE THE LAST PHOTO. so cool.

    frame it!

  2. We had SOOOO fun with you two love birds here! Mad Gab will never be the same with out you guys! What can I say? My kiddos LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!

  3. Annie!!! I heart this post. It seriously meant the world to me that you and J made it out to hot old mesa for our wedding! It was so great to see you two! Love you bebe!


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