Weekend Trip

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jason & I planned a little camping/surfing trip up the coast.
driving PCH from Malibu to Santa Cruz.

unfortunately, the waves were blown out and it was FREEZING
so poor Jason didn't get to surf on our little trip.

 we stopped in Solvang, the cutest little Danish town just North of Santa Barbara.
we are both Danish, so it was especially fun for us.

aebleskiver: a famous danish pastry
as our drive continued, we saw fields and fields of agriculture & vineyards. Obviously we learned about that in history in the 4th grade, but seeing it for yourself is another story.
so cool.
Morro Bay, CA
we found a sweet campsite at Avila Beach. (just north of Pismo)
which was fortunate because EVERYONE seems to camp Memorial Day weekend & every other place i called was fully booked. 

from what a woman told us, these seals come here to "molt"
aka shed their fur-ish skin.
hundreds & hundreds of them.

Big Sur
(my favorite)
Last stop - Santa Cruz.

our trip was delightful & carefree.
did whatever we wanted whenever we wanted.
plus, we saw some of the most beautiful & best sites to see in CA:)


  1. oh this is bringing back memories of our PCH roadtrip. so beautiful. carefree is the way to go. ahhh.

  2. Oh wow!! So glad you two got to make this little getaway. Loved the "Olsen" sign since you are both from "Olsen's" Adorable pictures of you two adorable people!

  3. isn't that drive SOOO pretty!!!! Glad you guys had fun. looked beautiful!

    (was it freezing at the seal beach? when we were there a couple weeks ago it was seriously so cold and windy!) HA

  4. Did I just now notice this or have you always had the photos on the side from summer love to happiness? Love those too.


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