Blood, Sweat, & Mud

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yesterday we participated in this..
we got a spot in the race last minute (as in, 5 days before)
off of Craigslist (probably one of the only races where you can sell your spot).
we joined some of our friends & had a BLAST. running 6.2 miles had never been so fun.
it was 6.2 miles of hills, mud pits, 5ft walls, swimming through water, crawling through mud & tunnels, and climbing up a slippery muddy hill...oh and my favorite; being sprayed with fire hoses along the way.

i love how i run 4x a week to build my endurance, while jason NEVER runs & he could've done this in his sleep...psh, men.
but he was the BEST running partner..we talked the whole time.
we had so much fun that we plan on doing this every year from now on.
who's with us? :)


  1. uuuh WE ARE!!! that seriously looks and sounds like so. much. fun!!!! annie we will be in L.A. for a couple days after school gets out...i will have to let u know as it gets closer!!

  2. lisa my love!! yes let me know im so excited!! & you HAVE to do it with us next year, it was awesome:)

  3. looks more than awesome! we are so down!!!

  4. Give me a year to think about it. Ha ha!!

  5. now we can be blogger buds :)

  6. oh my gosh! my boss showed me something like that but its around 8 miles! Looks fun but tough. be honest, how sore were you the next day :) looks like you two had a blast!


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