Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Dad, 
remember when you would let me ride on your back down the stairs EVERY night when it was dinner time.
remember when we would go to the pools and you would throw me in the air..and again, ride on your back & i'd pretend you were my dolphin.
remember when you would let me sit on your lap and steer the driving wheel through our neighborhood.
remember when we'd go in the 'cuzzi' all the time.
remember when you baptized me when i was 8 years old, and i cried because i was really nervous.
remember when you coached my soccer teams (for many years) and were the best coach around.
remember when you taught me how to ride a bike.
remember when you would wake us up at the crack of dawn to get our saturday chores done..and sleeping in till 8 was "wasting the day"
remember when you came to my open houses and i'd write secret notes to you on my desk.
remember when you'd have all us kids go to the high school track and we would do sprints & you'd time us.
remember when you helped me buy my first car.
remember when you taught me how to be independent and a hard worker.
remember when you gave jason permission to marry your baby girl.

dad, who would i be if it weren't for you?
thanks for being the best and most loving man to our family.
& thanks for always making me laugh.
love you dad!!

AND i can't forget my awesome father in law.
without this man, jason wouldn't be who he is today either.
and i couldn't have asked for a more sincere and generous F.I.L.

happy father's day 

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