Feeling Lucky

Friday, July 22, 2011

I feel blessed & lucky today.
The reason? Because of friends.
And I feel particularly blessed to have two of the most brave & strong girls as some of my bests.
True friends. There for you through it all.
These two...
Last night, we finally got together. It hasn't been JUST US since, well, since we all lived with each other back in good ole Rexburg.
We were roomies since day one. 
(& to back-track a little..I met these 2 ladies at EFY when we were 14. Cute, I know.)
I am missing the roomie days today just because of them. 
Low maintenance, drama free, & easy going -- my kind of girls.
& can't forget to document our infamous dance routine that we liked to do at every single dance party. 
(besides the middle picture)
HAHA. Hilarious.

Love them.


  1. This made me tear up. I love all three of you babes so much!!!!

  2. LOVE YOU MEGAN!! wish you were there with us last night!!

  3. LOVE IT!!!! You guys are so fun!! I'll be honest...i'm excited to live with Alexa in fall :) You and Jason are adorable!

  4. loved this post! miss you annie! hope we get to see you guys soon!


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