Tuesday, July 5, 2011

bbq's. beach. swimming. fireworks.
does it get better?
i LOVE the fourth.
we started out our weekend in laguna at the beach for a good 8+ hours straight.
it was heavenly.
full of surfing, stand up paddle boarding (my personal fav), laying out, reading, & bonzai bowls.
oh & dont worry, i stepped on a sand shark while swimming. 
really cool. 
sadly, i took no other pics that day.
but we spent the whole day with jason's fam & loved it :)

Sunday, we headed to MV to hang with mine.
another day full of working out, beach, swimming, surfing, bbq, & of course, fireworks!
i'd say he got his fill of surfing for the day. a good 5 hrs.
so lucky to have these ladies in my life. they're simply the best.
& don't even get me started on these 5 babes. 
are they not the cutest?
hope you had a happy holiday!


  1. Wow...excellent post Annie. What a great weekend! So glad I have you two in my life. ;-)

  2. LOVE your pictures! Are you using hipstomatic??


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