The Weekend

Monday, October 3, 2011

We headed down south for the weekend to spend time with both of our families. The weather was incredible so without question, we hit the beach first thing Saturday morning.

These are our "sister rings" -  got them in 2003 & hasn't left my finger since. 
Love my sissies:)

Conference time. Found this cute journal for $1.00 at Michael's.

Got to cuddle with Quincy Bear. Can't get enough of this sweet girl.

It was so nice on Sunday & all our cars were in need of a wash. 

Sunday dinner outside in my parents courtyard & these 2 were the center of attention.

I live for these kinds of weekends.


  1. What a fun weekend!! Families are the best!!

  2. i adore your hat and those rings! just stumbled across your blog. so cute!
    xo TJ

  3. It was a great time together and perfect weather. I live for these weekends too...Kyle and Kylee we need you too!!!

  4. aww very cute! what an awesome family you have! and you all have black cars. :)

  5. annie you are so beautiful. seriously, i die.


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