Sunday, November 27, 2011

We traveled a whole hour home to be with our families on Thanksgiving.
(we love that they both live so close..we are thankful for that)
We started off our the holiday Thursday morning with the annual Dana Point Turkey Trot 10k.
I talked this guy into doing it with me :) 
He's my favorite running buddy.
Sidenote - does anyone else get frustrated because you run as much as you can to train, and your man hasn't ran in months and is in way better shape than you? I seriously don't understand it.
Along with my cute sister in laws
 SO happy its done!
(my face..I know..)
Went to Gma & Gpa Kimball's for Dinner with the whole Kimball clan
(all 40 of them)
Had to stop by the traditional Fashion Island Christmas Tree

Took advantage of the 80 degree weather and hit up our favorite spot.
Jason surfed all day long and was loving it.
Pictured below is brother Casey Kimbs skimmin it up.
Prettiest sunset from Top of the World in Laguna.
This picture doesn't give it nearly enough justice.
And ended our weekend with these yummy cookies.
Happy Thanksgiving!!
We are already counting down till Christmas.
"Have an attitude of gratitude."
Thomas S. Monson


  1. annie i so agree! i run five days a week usually and chase never does. then when he does run with me he is always way ahead and literally "RUNS" constantly, no jogging haha. i dont get it at all, it drives me nuts. he is so dang fast. why are guys like that? is it the surfing? seriously....mystery.good job on runnin the 10k, that is awesome!


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