Big Sur

Thursday, November 8, 2012

This past weekend we made our way up to Big Sur to camp with some friends.
It's about a 6 hour drive so we left at 5am and go there around 11am. 
The weather up there was perfection & the company wasn't too bad either:)

I have a friend who is from Carmel so before we left I asked her all the spots that we need to hit up while we were up there. Her number one recommendation was Mission Ranch Inn, which is Clint Eastwood's restaurant.
When we pulled up we were blown away by how beautiful it was. We were sitting on a balcony over looking a green pasteur with sheep grazing and the ocean. I felt like we were in Ireland or something.
 Absolutely breaktaking. Highly recommend stopping there if you are ever in the area.
I love how Carmel is kind of a hidden gem. Hope it stays that way for a little while longer.

Thanks for the good times Big Sur, we will be back soon!


  1. That looks like so much fun Annie! We are planning to go to Big Sur soon too, so I'll have to check out your recommendation :)

    1. Oh I am already jealous, that is so fun!! Yes you need to go there also we ate at Rocky Point in Big Sur. Not the best food, but great views. Another recommendation was Napenthe...we didn't have time to go there, but heard it was amazing. Have fun!

  2. Such a fun trip. Beautiful...and fun friends. I am glad you got the chance to go.


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