Thursday, November 1, 2012

This holiday is one of my favorites. I love seeing eveyone get all dressed up.
Some people are so creative, I love it!
This year we went down to El Segundo to hang out with my sister & her cute family for the night.
They shut down main street and have a fun halloween carnival.
I seriously loved the people watching...some of the best people watching is on halloween, in my opinion. I also love when the whole family gets into it. Especially the parents.
I can't wait to have kids, I have so many ideas!
Jason met up with us while we were trick or treating and we got into character.
(Mime's look a lot better when they come in 2's)

Jason seriously looks freaky. I did the paint on his face to look kind of similar to the Joker in Batman and he nailed it with that smirk. Creeps me out! 
Kate's kids were also a little freaked out by us too. haha.
We actually really tried not talking or smiling to give out the full mime effect, but that didn't happen. 

After all the trick or treating and carnival fun, we came back to the house and Kate made the best pumpkin soup, from scratch! Cookies, pasta, and rolls included.
This is why she is nick-named Becky Home-ecky (sp?) amongst us sisters.
Mine and Jill's nicknames will have to be saved for another day.
Thanks for having us sis!

Hope you all had a spooky night and got some yummy treats!
{My breakfast this morning was Reese's. Success.}


  1. becky home-ecky. haha So glad you guys came!! Loved every second of last night...especially the people watching.

  2. You both look so AWESOME!! so glad you get into the spirit of Halloween...so fun!!

  3. Jason's smile is the creepiest thing ever!! You guys are so cute!


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