2 months

Thursday, December 5, 2013

My baby girl is already 2 months!
12lbs 11.5oz (82%) 23.75in (94%)
She is starting to get some good chub going on and is above average on her weight and height.
I especially love the rolls that are forming. oh, and her awesome double chin and cheeks. She is just getting yummier by the feeding. 

This girl has had quite the second month. 
2 month highlights:
-got blessed by her Daddy
-went on her first plane ride to Florida and did amazing. We went on 4 different planes (2 each way) and she was great every time. Never made a peep.
-Put on a swimsuit for the first time and dipped her toes in the Gulf of Mexico
-is sleeping 4-6 hours every night (one night she slept 7 - woohoo!)
-started smiling and doesn't stop! we ooh and ahh over her smiles all day long
-went to a few more showers & movies
-let mommy and daddy go out (twice!) while grandma watched her
-has a really strong neck and can hold it up really well
-got her 2 month shots and it killed me. I totally cried...couldn't stand hearing her scream and cry that hard.
-we call her our party girl. she loves being around noise and lots of people. she is most content when we are out and about.
-first thanksgiving (spent in Florida)
-is already a daddy's girl. she loves cuddling with him.
-fitting into 3 month clothes

love this girl more and more everyday.

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